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Operation Broken Arrow Newsletter

Barnes: Trump Near Nomination

The Weekly Standard: "Then he won the New York primary with 60 percent a week ago. Yes, it is his home state. But now he has followed up by capturing Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island in similar blowouts. Bill Hemmer of Fox News said he won every county in all five states. That his victories were not surprising is an indication of how Trump has taken command of the GOP race."

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Trump Campaign: A Family Affair

"Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign has an unusually lean staff and few big-time political figures speaking on his behalf. His three eldest children are stepping into the void, playing a more visible role recently as campaign surrogates for their father," reports The Wall Street Journal.

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POLL: Trump Nears 50% in National NBC Survey

"With just three candidates left in the Republican primary race, Donald Trump now holds 48 percent support of registered Republicans and Republican-leaners, according to the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking poll," reports NBC News. "This is more than 20 points higher than his second-place competitor, Ted Cruz."

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TrumpStore2016 Giveaway Winner

TrumpStore2016 Giveaway We have our 1st winner! Congratulations to John from Oshkosh, WI. Each week we are giving away 2 each of every Bumper Sticker and Button in the store. All you have to do it like and share our post on facebook, or follow and re-tweet our post on twitter. Visit for more details.

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Crystal Ball: Trump on Track to Win Majority of Delegates

"The magic number is 1,237 delegates, and our own rough calculations show Trump just getting over the hump with 1,239," reports Crystal Ball.

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