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Operation Broken Arrow

“BROKEN ARROW!” exclaimed a defiant Commander, calling for air support, as his battalion of 400 American soldiers were being overrun by 4,000 North Vietnamese. The Battle of the la Drang Valley (1965) lasted 3 long days and became known as the “valley of death”; it has been recounted in many publications and dramatized in a 2002 film. It’s a story of perseverance in the face of immense challenges, of character in crisis, and above all, of commitment to country.

We launch “OPERATION BROKEN ARROW” with a call for all of us to arm ourselves with the facts and be ready for the massive onslaught coming from the Left. The Fake News media, the Mueller Witch-Hunt, the Hoax Impeachment Inquiry, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and the far Left radicals are conspiring to crush President Donald Trump. Today’s political war is far from the blood-soaked valleys of Vietnam and the real war our soldiers endured, but the future of our country is on the line, so we launch “OPERATION BROKEN ARROW!” Say it loud, commit everything, and Make America Great Again!

Say it loud, commit everything, and Keep America Great!